books for adults
The Vicar has published several popular, accessible books for adults which are described below.
  • Christian Atheist
    Brian Mountford, John Hunt Publishing 2011, £9.99


    Philip Pullman writes: "In this fascinating and thoughtful book, Brian Mountford explores the borderland where Christians and atheists gaze at each other with expressions ranging from the hostile and scornful to the friendly and sympathetic. In some ways it is the most interesting place in contemporary religion. Mountford has an extensive knowledge of this borderland, and in the interviews and reflections in this book he explores it in the company of some eloquent and thoughtful contemporaries."

  • Perfect Freedom - why liberal Christianity might be the faith you're looking for
    Brian Mountford, John Hunt Publishing 2003, £7.99
  • A best-selling introduction to inclusive, thoughtful, liberal Christianity
  • Christianity in 10 minutes
    Brian Mountford, John Hunt Publishing 2006, £4.99
    The best short guide to serious Christianity you will find.

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